Wine Tasting Two Ways

We offer two separate tasting experiences at Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards: still wines and sparkling wines. We keep it friendly, informative and fun. It’s wine, not politics.


Located at the tasting bar up front, our extra-friendly and knowledgeable wine tasting staff will walk you through a sampling of our still wines – grown within a stone’s throw of the tasting room counter.


Located in the gathering room, with views of the vineyard and Mt Eneas, our seated sparkling tasting offers an in depth, seated experience of our sparkling wine portfolio. Some days we will look at vintage variation, some days different grape varieties or we may include  a Cava, Prosecco or Champagne – from around the world.
Tasting fee is $10 and waived with the purchase of a bottle. 

Only available in the summer season. 

A One-Of-A-Kind Sparkling Wine Tour

Love sparkling wine? Know someone who loves sparkling wine? You’re going to want to take our tour. It’s in-depth, and takes 45 minutes, but we keep it fun and interesting, and ends with a tasting. Tours are by appointment only. 

Here's What You'll See And Do

Gathering Room
We'll gather in our Sparkling Wine Room to give you a quick introduction to Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards and history of Greata Ranch and the Fitzpatrick Family.

Vineyard Walk
We’ll guide you out to the vineyard where’ll we’ll talk a bit about what makes our vineyard site distinct—our bench site, soil composition, lake effect, Mt. Eneas, The Mischief and our mature vines. We’ll also discuss our viticultural approach, and how we grow great wine.

Crush Deck
We’ll move along to the crush deck to discuss how we handle our estate-grown grapes after harvest using a sophisticated Willmes press system, gravity flow and Albrigi stainless steel tanks.

Barrel Room
We’ll talk about the use of barrels in sparkling and their effects on the finished wine.

The caves are the heart of sparkling wine production. We’ll unlock the Fitz gates and proceed up the ramp to our riddling and cellaring area. Here we’ll discuss traditional method sparkling wine and some of the specifics of sparkling production like tirage, the importance of lees aging and precise temperature control. We’ll also talk a bit about the history and traditions of Champagne.

Gathering Room
We finish with a Q&A back in the gathering room for a guided Fitz Brut tasting. You’re also free to take your Fitz Brut and wander out to the deck and stare at the lake. We won’t take offense.


Sparkling Wine Tour (45 minutes)

Cost $25, includes sampling.

Please email for winter availability. 

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